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Posted by tmgoonan in tmgoonan's Blog, 13 March 2019 · 42 views

I am new to this forum and have been trying upload work I have done on Antelope Island, UT. So far I have had no luck. Please advise.

Thanks in advance,


Photowalk at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas

Posted by nbanjogal in Love from My Camera, 11 December 2018 · 412 views

This past April, my family and I went to down to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a quick little spring break jaunt, and I've only recently found the time to process some of the photos from that trip.

I purchased a ticket to one of the photowalks at the Neon Museum and had a great time wandering the neon boneyard (the place where old, discarded neon signs go to di...

Need advice protecting gear

Posted by Divawithguns in Divawithguns' Blog, 30 August 2018 · 657 views

I have a Nikon D5300 with a few lenses.

I have MS so my walking abilities are not always very good. I stumble and fall lots.

The other day I took several bad falls (5) and the one I seriously thought my camera was hooped. 🙏 thankfully it is working fine. Phew

I'm needing ideas and suggestions on what I can do to better protect my gear. I've tried n...


Posted by Merco_61 in My musings on technique and sometimes technology, 03 August 2018 · 730 views

I am building a parkflyer-sized Telemaster. It is reduced in size from the original's 99" wingspan to only 36 1/2".

Framing up the wings.
502 Bad Gateway PES_2018-07-27_16-02-17_24mm_ by merco_61 , on Flickr

When returning to a hobby after many years, some upgrades and service work is to be expected.

Cannot Display This File" error message. Nikon D3400

Posted by paveez in paveez's Blog, 23 June 2018 · 838 views

I recently purchased a new D3400 I was shooting in RAW only and all was going well until my 13th shot when all of a sudden I started getting the "Cannot Display This File" error message.

and unknowing this error i took 237 photos

After taking a shot I could see the image on the LCD screen but if I tried to go back and see it later I was only getti...

In camera HDR

Posted by deano in dean crandall blog, 15 May 2018 · 723 views

In camera HDR Two shots of the same flower.
1) jpg; 2 )in camera HDR
Does anyone see a difference in the HDR one from the jpg one? The D750 will only do HDR in jpg format.
D750, Nikon 50mm 1.4G, iso 200, A mode, 1/125 @ f 7.1, no editing,
Looking for comments on using in camera HDR

Hello, new and need a little help.

Posted by S34n in S34n's Blog, 04 May 2018 · 483 views

Just brought a D5600 and downloaded the app on my Android phone. All working well and very happy so far.
One niggle; when sharing a photo, I send the first to an email address and now when pressing the share icon, it defults to the same email address.

The display show all other share options, instagram, facebook etc no longer pops up.

Any advice would b...

Help needed pls!

Posted by wendil in wendil's Blog, 07 April 2018 · 636 views

I photographed with D800 with both the CF card and a SD card, I deleted one image in camera while photographing and now the photos on the CF card are reading .naf not .nef. I can't view them in lightroom. When I open the card on the computer I can see the file name in the DCIM folder but lightroom states no photos. Can anyone advise me what I can do? ha...


Posted by Rodie in Rodie's Blog, 04 March 2018 · 672 views
d5300 nikon viewnx 2

I hope someone can help me? I am an amateur photographer and have just purchased a Nikon D5300. It came with a Nikon ViewNX 2 software CD Rom but I have a Mac which doesn't accept them! I have tried to download software directly from Nikon but it won't work. Any advice? I am using Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.13. Thank you.

NIKON D5600 what is the biggest zoom lens i can use

Posted by Brettski77 in Brettski77's Blog, 27 February 2018 · 665 views

I have recently purchased a Nikon D5600, as a beginner to photography i take half decent shots of mostly sports pics. Rugby and motorsports are my main passion. My sons rugby team being their photographer. I purchsed a 70/300 Nkon lens with my crop sensor D5600 camera. I cant quite get the zoom focal length i want with the 300 lens and limited to shots o...

problems loading my raw files from my new Nikon D500 camera into my NX2 program so I can process them

Posted by ogopogo8 in ogopogo8's Blog, 16 December 2017 · 730 views

I have a new Nikon D500 camera, and I have shot a few test shots, now I find that I cannot load these raw files into my NX2 programs, so I cannot keep this camera , if I cannot process my files !

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Dartford, Kent, UK

Posted by JohnRNixon in JohnRNixon's Blog, 07 May 2017 · 1,119 views
bridge, architecture

Views of the bridge from the banks of the Thames at Greenhithe in Kent

Social Media

Posted by Ignacior in Ignacio's Blog, 05 March 2017 · 888 views

Just curios if anyone here using stuff lien instagram or anything else for your photos?

I use instagram and am a member of a couple of different groups on Facebook as well.

flying heron

Posted by Sante in Focus vs Blur, 26 August 2016 · 1,327 views

got to be in the right place, right time

Mobile World Conference: First Day

Posted by AndreaWilson in AndreaWilson's Blog, 03 March 2016 · 1,432 views
mwc update

The Mobile World Conference has kicked off, which means there are a lot of new and exciting technologies being announced and shown off. There are sure to be many exciting things announced in the coming days, but today there have already been some great mobile devices seen. Here is a quick rundown of the most important releases today, thanks to Computer Wo...

Super Mario Bros: The ultimate artificial intelligence test

Posted by SharonneDwade in SharonneDwade's Blog, 25 February 2016 · 1,283 views
artificial intelligence and 1 more...

If you were to make a list of the greatest video games ever made, the original Super Mario Bros. made for the Nintendo System would have to be towards the top of that list. Thanks to original game mechanics and challenging level designs, Super Mario Bros. was an instant classic and remains popular today—30 years later. But retro-gaming enthusiasts aren’t...

Nikon Df

Posted by BeccaFryProDf in BeccaFryProDf's Blog, 04 November 2015 · 2,969 views
nikon df

Nikon Df Seems to be everywhere that someone thinks they know about cameras still do not seem to know about the nikon Df i dont quite understand why this is , it is ment to be the special edition Camera Retro look DSLR full frame and yet in most places no one has heard of it and isnt mentioned either , like on the what do you have in your camera bag ?? doesnt ment...

36 On 35 Project - Week 5

Posted by TBonz in Sportz2Pix's Blog, 19 August 2015 · 1,788 views

Here are my images from my version of the 36 on 35 Project...my last week...Week 5

My goal was to capture images from my neighborhood to share with others...
July 25

My son was on the roof of our RV and grabbed one of the covers...I told him he looked like Dark Helmet for those who have seen Space Balls...only photo in my project that is an iPhone photo...

Wow, has it been this long? (Finally got a DSLR!)

Posted by JoyN87 in JoyN87's Blog, 25 July 2015 · 1,315 views


It's been awhile since I came to this site. I took a little break and I'm back here. I finally got a digital camera, Nikon D7100 (still good!). The camera is crisp and fantastic to enjoy, although it was incredibly complicated to use the camera for the first time. For instance, I was having a hard time to understand the buttons and the "other" sid...

New camera !

Posted by Erewego in Erewego's Blog, 04 January 2015 · 1,025 views

Recently bought a new camera (D750) - will post something when I am more familiar with it.

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