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Goodbye Nikon… again

Posted by Dogbytes in Dogbytes' Blog, 05 May 2021 · 435 views

I’ve had a a few Nikon outfits over the years, I’ve never really loved their cameras but they always get the job done and there are loads of good second-hand lenses to be had at reasonable prices.
My current outfit comprises a D850, 70-200mm F2.8E FL and 58m f1.4G. It is, without doubt, the best camera outfit I’ve ever had. The D850 is still a worthy cont...

Aperture priority metering with classic third party lens systems.

Posted by canoecaper in Metering a heritage Third Party lens., 06 March 2021 · 1,040 views


Most of us know, the finest camera lenses ever made, were Zeiss (based, generally on Scott glass), Leitz for Leica and Novoflex and the Dr. Makutso designed range mirror lenses from the Soviet Union, all made from the '60s to the '80s.
All of these are full manual, generally used wide open and naturally with mirror lenses, the aperture is fixed....

LX gold

Posted by FM-LX in FM-LX's Blog, 08 January 2021 · 647 views

I know that only 300 pcs. FM Gold specially was made 1977 and given to Kings and VIP’s . Also for sure, I know that the Swedish King was presented one. Anyone have more info regarding specific owners and other interesting details.

Battery query

Posted by Alan_B in Alan_B's Blog, 29 September 2020 · 684 views


Thanks for allowing me to join the group. I have been using Nikon's for some time now - previously the D40 and now a D5300 - and am now looking to advance my user knowledge.

1. Can anyone recommend a rechargeable USB battery pack with a suitable voltage required for the camera (7.2V). I want to do outdoor timelapse and need a battery that will last...

Help with a900 coolpix as streaming camera

Posted by stenvangrunsven in stenvangrunsven's Blog, 28 July 2020 · 1,030 views

Hi all,

is it possible to stream with a coolpix A900 on OBS Studio?

Help with D 50

Posted by Hoodoo in Hoodoo's Blog, 20 June 2020 · 569 views

I'm new to this forum and not sure how it works. I'm looking for some advice with my D 50. I purchased it used a few years ago and it has worked great up until recently. I couldn't get the SD card to download on my computer and then the camera seemed to have no memory. I suspected a bad card so I bought a new one but now I have no display on the back of t...

D5500 with Sigma DC 18-200 lens

Posted by GatOsoyoos in GatOsoyoos' Blog, 02 June 2020 · 629 views

I have a D5500 and purchased a Sigma DC 18-200 lens. I just rec'd it and tried it but the autofocus does not seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas. Every time I start to use it the autofocus section of the set up menu greys out and gives the message: This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state. I have checked and...

D750 Settings

Posted by George Palilis in George Palilis' Blog, 25 May 2020 · 638 views

I am new to this and I promise I will learn fast.. Just got a new D750 and I will like some help to set a "double Tapp" = same object 2 shots, 1st with a flush, 2nd without flush. I hope it's clear what I am asking, thanks

D5300 GPS NML_28A.ee file

Posted by pedro in pedro's Blog, 23 May 2020 · 585 views
d5300, gps, nml_28a.ee, update

Does anyone know if Nikon has stopped supporting GPS in the D5300 using a NML_28A.ee file? Nikon support states sorry, they don't have a current one and can't tell me if there'll be another. Without that GPS is not accurate.
Does anyone know of another way to get GPS functional on D5300 without having to replace that file every 2 weeks.

D7500 as webcam

Posted by garyww50 in garyww50's Blog, 16 May 2020 · 414 views

Has anyone used the D7500 as a webcam? I am working from home, and the webcam on my PC is not great.


D750 Err or fEE Error Messages

Posted by wildwilli in wildwilli's Blog, 06 April 2020 · 642 views

Just wondering how many folks out there with D750's get these Err or fEE error messages. What if any fixed it or did you have to send it in. I've seen quite a few of them but where I work we have over 650 D750's so it's hard to figure out if this is an inherent problem or if the Students are just too hard on the gear.

D5600 will not turn on and a green light flashes twice.

Posted by Devinjames123 in Devinjames123's Blog, 02 April 2020 · 649 views

Please Help.

I've had my greatest camera I've ever owned in my life, a Nikon d5600 bought for me 2-3 years ago as a birthday gift. It came from online. And I was using it for about a year or so, when it just stopped working altogether. Just randomly stopped working. No drops, spills, cracks, NOTHING. Also, a green light blinks twice and then stops. I tr...

d850 connectivity issue

Posted by bbarringer in bbarringer's Blog, 02 March 2020 · 603 views

I have been shooting via Capture One, but recently my 850 is not being read by my computer or software on two different Macs. Has anybody ever had similar issues with their cameras? Do we think its a camera port issue, tether issue, usb computer port issue?

NIKON D3500 Live View on Mobile (wireless )

Posted by subho1993 in subho1993's Blog, 25 January 2020 · 855 views
nikon d3500 live view on

Help Please,
I want to view & control Nikon D3500 from a mobile wireless(via Bluetooth) , Is there any app to connect & control Nikon D3500 via bluetooth?

Northern Lights in Lofoten Islands

Posted by marat stepanoff in marat stepanoff's Blog, 09 September 2019 · 29,942 views
travel, landscape photography

Hi. My name is Marat Stepanoff. I'm founder Marat Stepanoff Photography

I wrote a complete guide about filming the Northern Lights in Lofoten Islands .
The Northern Lights never appears in the same way twice, so there is always something new to experience. This is what makes the Aurora Borealis so amazing and I never grow tired of hunting for it.

Nikon AF-S 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED DX auto focus problems

Posted by dksmithuk in dksmithuk's Blog, 08 September 2019 · 1,069 views

i recently bought a second hand Nikon AF-S 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED DX lens although the auto focus works whilst the lens was zooming in and out searching for focus each time it changes direction there is a clunk noise.

I was not happy with this so i returned the lens for a replacement

The replacement has arrived and it has exactly the same problem (if it...

Nikon d3400 blinking green light

Posted by Dennis1203 in Dennis1203's Blog, 16 July 2019 · 926 views

HELP! I haven't used my camera in a while and I recharged both of my batteries but now I get a blinking green light when the camera is turned off. I tried switching out the batteries and replacing the memory card. Any suggestions....

The 1st of many questions

Posted by Kellym in Kellym's Blog, 12 May 2019 · 1,042 views

Sooo ... am going to Africa this summer for the Great Migration, and then trekking with the mountain gorillas. Bringing two bodies (D700 & D750 - almost considering bringing along my old film FM for true B&W). My question: which lenses? Partial list of what I own (all Nikkor AF-S ED VR): 70-200 f/2.8; 70-300 f/4.5-5.6; 24-70 f/2.8; 14-24 f/2.8. I’...

Need help picking a camera

Posted by gator2030 in gator2030's Blog, 12 May 2019 · 772 views

I am very unsure of what camera to get. right now I have a D810 and it is just way too much for me to handle. I am in need of a camera a little more user-friendly that I can take out on the water when I fish. Any suggestions?


Posted by tmgoonan in tmgoonan's Blog, 13 March 2019 · 674 views

I am new to this forum and have been trying upload work I have done on Antelope Island, UT. So far I have had no luck. Please advise.

Thanks in advance,


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