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From: Ransta trädgård

Posted by Merco_61, 18 June 2018 · 841 views

I went to another concert with Ransta trädgård yesterday.
Here is a link to photos from the last time I saw and heard them: Ransta Trädgård - Black and White - NikonForums.com

I will start with a shot of the Poetree in the tea garden while the band were doing their soundcheck.
Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-01-44_17mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-07-39_125mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-07-48_300mm_A by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-07-52_300mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-08-03_300mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-08-08_300mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-08-34_300mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-19-36_17mm_ by merco_61, on Flickr

Posted ImagePES_2018-06-17_15-20-31_34mm_A by merco_61, on Flickr

I'll end with a link to the band's home page, only in Swedish, but I hope their video clips are viewable outside Sweden.
Ransta Trädgård | En sida om bandet Ransta Trädgård

Source: Ransta trädgård

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