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My One week, one lens and one camera challenge

Posted by Merco_61, 31 May 2018 · 2,194 views

The One week... challenge is over for now.
I achieved what I set out to do in that I am much more familiar with my 20 favourite lenses after using them on three different bodies over the past year and a half. Not being able to grab another, easier to use lens for the situation felt really limiting at the start. I soon got used to the limitations, however. I feel that I am much better at judging focal lengths for a desired field of view with both DX and FX sensors than I was and I am definitely more familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the lenses I hadn't used as much as some of the others before starting.

One nice thing about a challenge like this is that one learns to challenge the boundaries and try moving away from the sweet spot and play with the softness and CA wide open and the diffraction and sun-stars with a more stopped down than sensible aperture. At least, this was the case for me.

I have compiled a little table that shows usage and keeper rate for the bodies.
Attached Image

I am not surprised at the keeper rates as the D700 is FX and I am an old film shooter. I am nearly as comfortable with the D300, which shows. The D7200 took quite a bit of experimenting before I learned how it handles difficult light. This bracketing hurt the keeper rate significantly, it was around 1:10 for the first months I used it.

I have broken the numbers down on a by-lens basis as well, but this needs some thought on how to present the statistics, so I will probably do a pdf, store externally and put the URL here in the blog post when it is finished.

This is fascinating on so many levels. Overall, I'm impressed that you were so diligent in sticking to your challenge. It's pretty cool to have this data too. I'll be interested to see how the by-lens numbers look when you get it put it together. I'm going to take a wild guess that your 105 will have the highest keeper rate. :) Or maybe just the most shots captured. We'll see, I suppose!

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The lenses with the highest keeper rate are all on the D700, unsurprisingly. The 55/3.5 MicroNikkor was highest at 1:2.32, the 35/2 O-Nikkor landed at 1:2.48, the 70-300 at 1:4.3, the 105/4 MicroNikkor at 1:4.455, the 180/2.8 at 1:4.7 and the 105/2.5 (both versions together) at 1:5.1.


If I remove the concert shots from the 105/2, it lands at 1:3.24, but with those shots included it landed at 1:25.6.


I am still struggling at presenting the data, but the numbercrunching is finished.

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A first draft of a report is available here if anyone is interested.


Comments are welcome.

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