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My musings on technique and sometimes technology

Focus stacking with Photoshop

Posted by Merco_61, 19 March 2017 · 83 views

Source: One week, one camera, one lens week ending March 19 2017

Rule of thirds composition

Posted by Merco_61, 26 August 2016 · 468 views

This was originally a post in the forum thread: What should camera see?

Shooting in snow and cold weather

Posted by Merco_61, 17 January 2016 · 1,117 views

One important factor when shooting in winter conditions is the lens hood. The recommended hood for the 50/1.8D is one of the rubber things... I much prefer a rigid hood that stays extended while shooting. The HS-9 is made for the 50/1.4 Ai and Ai-S, but works much better than the HR-2 that Nikon recommend.
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36 on 35, an art project. Part 3, day 25-36

Posted by Merco_61, 18 August 2015 · 643 views

Part three, part two here .

Day 25
Caption: Mikaelskyrkan (Michael’s church), Uppsala
Filter: Yellow
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Day 26
Caption: Snail on gatepost
Filter: Yellow
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36 on 35, an art project. Part 2, day 13-24

Posted by Merco_61, 18 August 2015 · 640 views

Part two, part one here .

Day 13
Caption: Gutter with water droplets
Filter: None
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Day 14
Caption: Library lamp
Filter: None
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Day 15
Caption: Sor...

36 on 35, an art project. Part 1, day 1-12

Posted by Merco_61, 18 August 2015 · 594 views

Project statement:
I will start this project on June 26 by loading a roll of Ilford HP5 (a ISO 400/27° black and white film) in a Nikon FE2 and mount an Ai-modified 35/2 O-Nikkor. I will develop it after exposing the last frame and scan the results. I will publish the photos on a blog on my site and on a blog on Nikonforums as well. I will produce a har...

Progressive Rock Festival 2015

Posted by Merco_61, 09 August 2015 · 526 views

Yesterday, it was that time of the year again. Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival 2015!
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First on stage was Peter Bryngelsson with some strange instruments and lots of electronics.

Next up was Oglin.

Then Brother Ape.

The last ban...

Exceptional general photography manual focus Nikkors.

Posted by Merco_61, 26 April 2015 · 745 views

Most manual focus Nikkors are good lenses but some stand out above the rest. In my experience, these are:

20/3.5 UD
24/2.8 K and Ai
28/2.8 Ai-S
35/1.4 N and Ai-S
35/2 O and O•C
50/1.2 Ai-S
50/1.4 S and S•C
85/1.8 H•C
105/1.8 Ai-S
105/2.5 P chrome and Ai
135/2.8 Q•C
180/2.8 ED Ai-S
200/4 Q and Q•C
300/2.8 IF-ED Ai and Ai-S
300/4.5 ED K and Ai
400/3.5 IF-E...

Lens hoods explained

Posted by Merco_61, 25 April 2015 · 597 views

Nikon acronyms have some kind of explanation, not always easy to understand, but there is one. The lens hoods are no exception to that rule.

The old metal hoods have acronyms derived from descriptions in Japanese. Hiyoke means sun shade or sun visor.

HK – Hiyoke kabuse (slip-on hood that is held in place by a small thumbscrew)

My way of using SEP effectively

Posted by Merco_61, 28 January 2015 · 573 views

I made a promise in April to try to write down how I use Silver Efex Pro. Here it is.

I start by choosing the film type I want.

After chosen film emulation, I run the panes from top to bottom. I start by setting Brightness, Contrast and Structure overall.

Then I add Control points and adjust B, C and S locally where I want to. After that I check that I...

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