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Ideas for improving the Nikon Menu System

Posted by tom_sweet, 28 February 2023 · 654 views

Nikon Menu System (wish list)

NEW Photo Shooting Menu (only the most important items for most photographers)
1. ISO Sensitivity Settings
2. Metering
3. Flash Control
4. Focus Mode
5. AF Subject Detection Options
6. Vibration reduction

The remainder of items in the Photo Shooting Menu should be moved to other areas to make better sense for the photographer. This is just my first thought for moving these items.

Here are suggestions to move the current remaining items in the Photo Shooting Menu:

Current Photo Shooting Menu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Recommended

· Extended menu banks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Setup Menu
· Storage folder >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Setup Menu
· File naming >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Setup Menu
· Role played by card in slot 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Setup Menu
· Image Area >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Setup Menu
· Image Quality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Image size settings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· RAW recording >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· White Balance >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Set picture control >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Color space >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Setup Menu
· Active D-Lighting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Long exposure NR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· High ISO NR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Vignette control >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Diffraction compensation >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· High-frequency flicker reduction >>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Auto bracketing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Multiple exposure >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Interval timer shooting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu
· Time-lapse video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Video Recording Menu
· Focus shift shooting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Custom Settings Menu

The Custom Settings Menu also needs to be organized by categories, so many of these items above should fall under the appropriate category.
Maybe some Nikon engineers (or product managers) might look at this and think about a Firmware update to fix the confusing system now. I'm afraid Canon and Sony have better organized menu systems.

One more thought on this for now.  The MY MENU system can be a challenge to add/rank items, so that's not a great solution to this problem.  

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I would say that the menu system is designed that way for a reason. A "custom" menu is available on every model that I have if I want to group MY key items in one location, however these settings have been that way a long time and I expect that the majority of Nikon photographers would complain if Nikon changed the menu system. What could be better than each individual selecting key items to be on their menu? I don't see how Canon or Sony could top that...
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