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The confusing Nikon menu system

Posted by tom_sweet, 28 February 2023 · 592 views

As an experienced Nikon pro-level user, I have always struggled with the Nikon menu system, finding it confusing and unintuitive. However, with my recent acquisition of the Nikon Z9 camera, I decided to make a concerted effort to master the menu system once and for all.

To do this, I began by identifying the main menu categories and familiarizing myself with the type of content contained within each. Then, I delved deeper into each category to understand the relationships between the various settings.

For example, in the Photo Shooting Menu, there are several important settings that require careful consideration, including (1) ISO Sensitivity, (2) Metering, (3) Flash Control, (4) Focus Mode, (5) AF-Area Mode, and (6) AF Subject Detection Options. While the rest of the items in this menu are generally "set it and forget it," these six critical settings are essential for getting the most out of the camera. It would be helpful if they were separated from the other items in the menu or at least ordered in a logical manner.

Overall, I am taking the time to learn the Nikon Z9 menu system in great detail to try to maximize the camera's performance and capture stunning images.

This blog will be a journey of my exploration.

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