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How You Can Get 100 to 200 Real Instagram Followers Fast

Posted by jemsmak , in Social Media 02 May 2021 · 269 views

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How You Can Get 100 to 200 Real Instagram Followers Fast The engagement rate on Instagram is 20 and 50 times more than Facebook and Twitter, respectively. So it is very easy to engage with your fans on Instagram than on other social media platforms. The post briefs you on how you can get your first 100 active followers on Instagram, You probably have under 100 followers if you are reading this post, or maybe you have just a little bit more, but you’re trying to figure how do you scale that first 100, maybe even how to scale that first thousand. It is very easy as long as you have the correct information and as long as you take action. The post briefs you the easiest ways, both paid and free to get your first 100 followers and even more.
The post briefs you the easiest way to get the first 100 Instagram followers. It will cost you some money, and then the post briefs you the freeways to do it, which you could also do pretty quickly. So the post briefed you both freeways and paid ways.
Paid Way to Get 100 Instagram Followers:
The easiest way to get a hundred followers and one day are to buy some shout outs. It will probably cost you around 50 bucks of budget. If you go ahead and get a good amount of shout outs, you probably will gain over a hundred followers in that one day. If you go ahead and shoot those shout outs, a few shout outs across a few different accounts or one shout outs in one massive account, you could easily gain 200 to 300 followers on your Instagram account. And if you want cheaper, there is another paid method you can buy 100 Instagram followers from websites under $5 to $15 around. So it depends on your budget.
As long as your account is set up correctly, as long as you have good content, name, logo, and bio, and you’re providing value or entertainment, that shout out will work. It will be the easiest way to gain followers out of your budget.
Freeway to Get 100 Instagram Followers:
If you don’t have the budget and want to know the free ways to get those 100 Instagram followers, then the easiest thing you can do is what many people called the dollar 80 strategies. This strategy is essential, you’re just leaving comments on people’s picture, and you’re part of the community. Please do not mix it up with spamming comments. Never say like, hey, great picture and follow me. It will not provide value, it doesn’t provide anything, and you don’t want to tell people to follow you.
Your goal is to leave a comment that is so valuable, so entertaining that people will trickle back to your profile organically. They come back because they want to see more because of the value you provided. When you say, hey, follow me or hey check me out, the reality is nobody checks you out.
When you drop a knowledge bomb or a value bomb or say something super funny, people will check you out because they like that stuff. And people only follow you if they’re getting something in return. Nobody will follow you just because they feel bad for you.

How You Can Get More Followers From Viral Pages:
The next two pertain to viral pages; you can use them on a personal brand.

Point: 1
But if you’re a viral page, let's say you’re growing a travel page and say you’re growing a luxury picture anything like that. This is what you want to use to get your first 100 followers, and it is super quick. You can probably do this in a few days, if not in a week. So what you need to do is find viral content within your niches.

If you’re in the travel niche, then you need to find a viral travel video somebody made. You should never ask them if you could go ahead and use those videos and post them on your account and if they say yes, you would post those videos or pictures and give them credit. Then you would make them go viral.It is a little harder to go viral if you don’t have big TM groups at your disposal. So if you’re starting from nothing, you’re likely to want to start growing today, then what is the best thing you can do? The best thing to do is to go ahead and start forming DM groups so that you can go ahead and drive tons of traffic to your picture.

And if you can’t form DM from the big pages, you need to try to get this done quickly through the DM groups with other people within your niche. So the other people that are in the travel image are very niche-specific to the young group. General DMs will work, but they will only work if they're with big accounts. If you’re small and have to use small accounts, make sure they are niche-specific because general stuff won’t work for you.

If you’re wondering what DM groups are, Dm groups are essentially a group chat filled with people and every time you post, you post that post into the group chat. Everybody goes ahead, and they like and comment on it and then every time they post, they’ll put their post into the group chat. You will go and like and comment on that along with everybody else in the group. And what this does is it drives a lot of engagement to your post very quickly in a short amount of time. And you made to turn on the explore page, and that’s how you will see videos going viral. These can be applied to both a personal brand and a viral page.

Point: 2
When you’re small, you need to engage back on everyone. When you’re small, you don’t have the luxury of replying to comment. That’s like the big guy stuff where they have so many comments where they can’t even get into them, they don’t have the time, but when you’re small, you have to create that sense of community. You have to make your followers know that you care about them and that you’re thankful for them. And you can’t wait to keep producing more content for them.

That’s the community that you can create, and the easiest ways to make that community is to engage back on everybody that comments on your post. You need to provide more value and entertainment to them and help them on their journey. You need to help them wherever they are and whatever your Instagram page is giving value for.
Take Away: If you follow the steps discussed in the post above, you’ll surely be able to get hundreds or even more followers on your Instagram account. I hope you find the post very useful and exciting.

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