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Aperture priority metering with classic third party lens systems.

Posted by canoecaper, 06 March 2021 · 22,905 views


Most of us know, the finest camera lenses ever made, were Zeiss (based, generally on Scott glass), Leitz for Leica and Novoflex and the Dr. Makutso designed range mirror lenses from the Soviet Union, all made from the '60s to the '80s.
All of these are full manual, generally used wide open and naturally with mirror lenses, the aperture is fixed.
It seems pure pettiness when a body declines to run such gems in Aperture Priority mode.
The sensing system receives light so can balance ISO setting with Shutter Speed.
A desire to waggle an iris is irrelevant.

Even more significant, these lenses that all outperformed Kodachrome 25 or FP4 could now really excell.
Modern high end bodies coupled with any of these lenses could comfortably outperform an '80s 6X6 or 6X7 and at useful shutter speeds. Pushed HP5 no longer necessary. LOL.

Do any Digital Nikon bodies properly accomodate these old warriors in Aperture mode.
If not, is any other make of high end body up to the task.

I have Novoflex Systems and Matsuko mirrors. I am cheesed off with running fully Manual. I am about to upgrade.

Auto focus is hardly relevant when say taking identity pics of boat loads of illegals at 1/3 mile.


Canoe caper.

It sounds like you need a Df as no other digital body offers workable stop-down metering.

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Very many thanks.


Never heard of it.  You might well be right.


Checking out 2nd user models now.


My previous SLRs were Contax.  The World has changed.

Now a hobby with benefits


Was thinking of the 850 but I am pretty sure it won't do the job.





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