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Posted by FM-LX, 29 December 2020 · 1,762 views

Hi all, Greetings from Sweden.
As a new member to this forum. I'm looking for more information on the F2 DATA as it seem very hard to find any official info. I've seen it in an old Sales Manual with order numbers etc... but nothing else.
Anyone knows if they was made on special order or ....?
Knowing that some of the Serial Nos. start with 75xxxxx, 772xxxx and 79xxxxx so the production can be followed under three years. No special batches or corresponding numbers? A friend of mine, found out that if you check serials of the MF-10 MF-11 backs the total production runs to about 1500 pcs. It also seems that most survived cameras are all in very good condition. But how many are still around?
A lot of questions and I hope that anyone have the knowledge to help out in this matter.

They were production items, not special order. I have seen two or three, all missing the masking plate and the original sync cable. Most collectors seem to think that slightly less than 1000 were really made as there are holes in the known serial number sequence.

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