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Battery query

Posted by Alan_B, 29 September 2020 · 539 views


Thanks for allowing me to join the group. I have been using Nikon's for some time now - previously the D40 and now a D5300 - and am now looking to advance my user knowledge.

1. Can anyone recommend a rechargeable USB battery pack with a suitable voltage required for the camera (7.2V). I want to do outdoor timelapse and need a battery that will last several hours.

2. Can the A/V-USB port, which is a micro USB socket, be used as a power supply? (It seems like a silly question, I know. But it's not beyond the realms of possibility for someone to try and connect a USB battery pack in there and ruin things.

Anyway. Thanks for letting me join and I look forward to learning many more things about my camera.


The EP-5A dummy battery is made to replace an EN-EL14 battery and drive your camera from a 9-volt power source. It works well on 8 volts as well. Finding a power bank with 8 or 9V power out shouldn't be *that* difficult.


No Nikon that I know of can be powered over the USB port, even the ones that can charge from the port won't use the USB power and stop the charging if you turn it on.

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