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Wow, has it been this long? (Finally got a DSLR!)

Posted by JoyN87, 25 July 2015 · 1,378 views


It's been awhile since I came to this site. I took a little break and I'm back here. I finally got a digital camera, Nikon D7100 (still good!). The camera is crisp and fantastic to enjoy, although it was incredibly complicated to use the camera for the first time. For instance, I was having a hard time to understand the buttons and the "other" side of the button, such as the ISO and the Zoom out are in the same button. Overall, I'm really happy to get my first DSLR camera.

So, does anyone want to tell me about their first DSLR camera?

Well, welcome back! I hope you're having fun with your new D7100 (share some images with us!). 


First DSLR was a Nikon D60--loved that camera and thought it was the best in the world. I resisted digital and continued to use my film SLRs for quite awhile, though I did buy an Olympus digital point and shoot. And the newspaper I worked for back in 2000 loaned me something digital to shoot stories I was reporting, but I don't remember the brand.


It took me awhile to get used to the controls on my D60 but eventually it all became second nature. I used it for about five years--added a couple of great lenses to nurse it along, but eventually decided it couldn't quite handle the night sky photos I wanted to do. Sold it to my neighbor for a very small amount of money, and he is still happily using it and loving it. Great little camera!!!

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First digital was a Nikon point and shoot...eventually sold off my F4S to get a D100 and kept using the lenses I had for the D100.  Eventually replaced the lenses and the D100 was replaced by a D90 which was replaced by a D7000 which was replaced by a D600...


I still have one of my D7000 bodies and both of my D600 bodies (all with motors) and a D4.  Likely to sell one or more of those to pick up another D4 or above...I am getting the itch to finally pick up a few more lenses too, so I guess we'll see where we end up...

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My first DSLR was my first digital at all. It was a Kodak DCS760, a Nikon F5 body converted to digital by Kodak. I still have it and have converted it to full-spectrum. It is 6 MP with a whopping 1.5 fps frame rate. I got it with an extra charger, 5 batteries and three of the new 1GB IBM Microdrives. It was amazing to shoot in the studio, tethered with a Firewire cable to an Apple Powerbook and be able to check lighting and sharpness while working. 

The DCS760 was followed by a DCS Pro14n and when that gave up the ghost I got a D300 as I hadn't got the funds available for a D3.

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I presently shoot with a D7100....wonderful camera and welcome to the club. 


My first DSLR was a Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro in 2000 because it was cheaper than the Nikons but uses Nikkor lenses. Imagine 3MP (6MP interpolated), min. ISO of 320, max. 1600, dual slot SmartMedia cards (2-128MB) or CF (2 GB max), with 16MB internal storage and 1.5 fps shooting TIFF. All for the street price of about $3500.


The "good old days"....not.

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My first DSLR was a Nikon D40x which I still have. My wife got me a D3200 for Christmas but at first I thought it had focusing problems and I almost sent it to Nikon to be re-calibrated. I'm glad I didn't, though because I got a focusing chart and found it to be correctly calibrated. I got a little bit of money from my pension and bought a Fujifilm Xpro1 with 18mm, 27mm and 35mm lenses. It is an excellent camera but I'm not as comfortable with is as I am with Nikon. I would like to sell my Fuji system and get a D7100 or D7200 body. The one thing I like about the D7100 & D7200 is the fact that it has no antialaising filter the same as the Xpro1 which gives sharp photos and it has 51 focus points. I still have the D40x.
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