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D5500 with Sigma DC 18-200 lens

Posted by GatOsoyoos, 02 June 2020 · 545 views

I have a D5500 and purchased a Sigma DC 18-200 lens. I just rec'd it and tried it but the autofocus does not seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas. Every time I start to use it the autofocus section of the set up menu greys out and gives the message: This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state. I have checked and the camera firmware is up to date.
Any ideas???

How old is the Sigma? The D5500 isn't compatible with older third-party lenses as Nikon have changed some parts in the communications protocol for the newer bodies. As these changes weren't in use yet when the protocols were reverse-engineered, older lenses need an updated firmware. Unfortunately, this means a new chip so the lens needs to be sent in for the update. I don't know if this rechipping is still available for your lens. You have to check with Sigma.

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