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D750 Err or fEE Error Messages

Posted by wildwilli, 06 April 2020 · 186 views

Just wondering how many folks out there with D750's get these Err or fEE error messages. What if any fixed it or did you have to send it in. I've seen quite a few of them but where I work we have over 650 D750's so it's hard to figure out if this is an inherent problem or if the Students are just too hard on the gear.

Is the fEE caused by not locking the aperture ring on D lenses or do they manage to break something?

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I thought I answered this but I am unable to see my response.  It is not due to the F/Stop ring being locked.  Sometimes it will happen only on the older lenses and that lens will work on another 750 body then pretty much I believe we have issues with that resistor on top behind the cover.  I could just need to be cleaned or it has been broken before according to Nikon Repair.  Sometimes I've found that the Older lenses we do have are suffering from comms problems all by themselves and depending on the lens I can fix that locally.

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