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Hello everyone!

Posted by ChristineKemokai, 02 October 2013 · 661 views

My name is Christine. I'm new to photography. Well, maybe not that new. I've worked with my moms and my aunts camera's before. I just don't own my own.... yet! I hope to win the d600 in the drawing. I'm doing this blog to increase my chances of winning. But, I do want to learn more before I get my own. I've read many e-books about photography and watched many youtube videos. I cannot wait to get my own camera and start shooting! I have many questions about cameras and photography. I hope that I can connect with others who are learning, with those who are pro and all those inbetween. :) I really got serious about getting into photography because of my aunt. I had always wanted to, but thought I had plenty of time and that when I did my aunt would teach me everything I wanted and needed to know. But just over a year ago she died from cancer. And know I want to honor her with my own photography. So, I guess my first question to everyone would be:
Why did you get into photography?

For me it was theraputic. Im not very good, but i work in a very high stress enviroment and aside from my punching bag i take pics. I just get lost out in the country or beach with my dog and shoot away. Its great to just clear my head and focus on the shots.

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That sounds amazing! I have dreams about that!!

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Its not bad. San Diego has plenty of places to get great shots at too. 

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Have you got any of your pictures loaded?

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