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From: Nikon D610 Announced

Posted by ChristineKemokai, 19 October 2013 · 786 views

I'm super excited!! Can't wait to see a hands on review about this camera. I hope everyone enters for a chance to win!! :)

Nikon has just announced the D610 FX format camera, an evolution of the D600 with only a handful of small improvements. The D610 features a newly-designed shutter mechanism that (hopefully) addresses the infamous build buildup issue that plagued the D600. The new shutter realizes a maximum burst framerate of 6FPS, up from the D600's 5.5FPS. In addition, the D610 features a new Qc (Quiet Continuous) shooting mode that enables quiet shooting at approximately 3FPS. Nikon also promises that the D610 will deliver improved white balance performance for portraiture and in artificial lighting. Finally, the D610 has gotten a larger buffer that can now store up to 100 basic JPEG images (51 fine).

The new D610 body is already available for pre-order for $1999, $100 less than the was D600 at launch. Follow the link below if you'd like to get a D610:

As a result of this announcement, we will be updating our D600 giveaway to feature the D610 as the grand prize!In the US, the D610 will be avilable in three lens kits in addition to the body only.It is unusual for a manufacturer to release a new body primarily to address an issue found in an older camera. While we can't complain about the D610's spec improvements, they are so minor that we believe the D610 and D600 will look the same from the point of view of end users, minus the dust buildup issue.

For the full D610 specifications, please visit its entry in our camera database.

Product photos:
Download attachment: d610.jpg
Download attachment: d6102.jpg
Download attachment: d6103.jpg

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Source: Nikon D610 Announced

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