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Northern Lights in Lofoten Islands

Posted by marat stepanoff, 09 September 2019 · 25,065 views

travel landscape photography
Hi. My name is Marat Stepanoff. I'm founder Marat Stepanoff Photography

I wrote a complete guide about filming the Northern Lights in Lofoten Islands.
The Northern Lights never appears in the same way twice, so there is always something new to experience. This is what makes the Aurora Borealis so amazing and I never grow tired of hunting for it.
Experiencing the unbelievable colours moving across the Arctic sky is on many travellers’ bucket list. Few places on earth offer more ways to witness the aurora borealis than Norway.
It is often said that the Lofoten Islands are the best places in the world to see the northern light.
There are dramatic landscapes of the skyward peaks, sandy beaches, rocks, wide open spaces with a beautiful backdrop. Also there one can find many interesting locations for shooting and almost all the points of view are near the road. You don’t have to go far on foot, just a few dozen meters from your car. In Reine and Hamnøy there are locations from which you can shoot directly from the door of your room in the hotel. It is amazing.
You can drive and stop for a shoot anywhere. But always think of your safety. On Lofoten always wear a light-reflecting waistcoat in the dark.
The Northern Lights on the Lofoten Islands is a light show that will change you forever.

In 1975 I worked in northeastern Canada and in midwinter at night saw the most amazing display that appeared to be long bands of dripping fireworks 200metres high and the sound of frying bacon. Photos and videos I have seen since are only pale and ghostly images of the vividness of the display I had the good fortune to witness. It must be a real challenge to do photographic justice to any northern lights display
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