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Dogbytes' Blog


Posted by Dogbytes, 07 August 2023 · 891 views
canon, eos 7d
Oops! A look back at the first couple of weeks on the Dark Side!

Okay, so in the midst of a period of, well, austerity, I find myself utterly pissed off with taking pics with my phone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great phone - it’s just a bit lacking in control and tactile feedback when it comes to being a camera. So what’s a man to do in a situation like t...

Goodbye Nikon… again

Posted by Dogbytes, 05 May 2021 · 2,115 views

I’ve had a a few Nikon outfits over the years, I’ve never really loved their cameras but they always get the job done and there are loads of good second-hand lenses to be had at reasonable prices.
My current outfit comprises a D850, 70-200mm F2.8E FL and 58m f1.4G. It is, without doubt, the best camera outfit I’ve ever had. The D850 is still a worthy cont...

Got one at last! AF-S Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G

Posted by Dogbytes, 28 December 2020 · 1,638 views

Some years ago, I was in Paris and I happened to meet up with some friends who fancied visiting the Louvre. I’d never been much impressed with the Mona Lisa. Like most people I’d only see pictures of it and they always seemed to be a muddy brown colour. Also, for as long as could remember, all I’d ever read about it was how much smaller it was than people...

Happier still!

Posted by Dogbytes, 20 April 2019 · 1,267 views

Well, two weeks in and, thanks to spending some time with the D850 and a lot of very helpful suggestions on technique and settings from Merco_61 and Bobby18120, it just keeps getting better. The hit rate, in terms of shots in focus, is ridiculously high and I’m particularly impressed by the camera’s ability to obtain focus in less than ideal lighting.


D850, a week on...

Posted by Dogbytes, 15 April 2019 · 1,272 views
nikon, d850, afpnikkor
D850, a week on... A week on and the D850 and I are settling in nicely.

You’ll recall that I bought the camera in a lightly used condition, what I didn’t mention is that it arrived with a Fuji battery charger. A quick message to the seller elicited an apology and the prompt dispatch of the proper one - which turned out not to work! In fairness, the seller did offer to refu...

Newly acquired D850 - initial impressions...

Posted by Dogbytes, 08 April 2019 · 1,589 views
nikon, d850, d610
So I’ve been using a Nikon D610 for the last four or five years and in that time the main focus of my photography (if you’ll excuse the pun!) has changed. I have always been a pretty spontaneous photographer, I’m one of those (irritating, to non-photographers) people who take a camera pretty much everywhere - usually, since I only have one camera if you d...

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