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Need advice protecting gear

Posted by Divawithguns, 30 August 2018 · 860 views

I have a Nikon D5300 with a few lenses.

I have MS so my walking abilities are not always very good. I stumble and fall lots.

The other day I took several bad falls (5) and the one I seriously thought my camera was hooped. 🙏 thankfully it is working fine. Phew

I'm needing ideas and suggestions on what I can do to better protect my gear. I've tried neck camera holders but those don't seem to work well. Camera still flops around so much. Tried a chest piece where the camera sits higher on your chest and more closely to your body. Not very comfortable when you fall on it.

Any ideas what I could use for carrying the camera that's accessible quickly and easily (nice part of common beck strap)? But don't want something where the camera has a lot of distance for the camera to wonder off if I fall.

Any ideas even DIY for protection on the camera body, plus the lenses on the camera for when I fall?

Thank you very much for any suggestions you can give.

Do you think some kind of a toploader bag on a tactical vest could work? It should be possible to add straps that use either the Molle system or D-rings to hold it steady around where the camera normally sits with a short neck strap. I have no idea what is currently out there, but both Lowepro and Tamrac used to make toploaders that could be closed with a quick strap instead of the zipper when using them as shooting bags.

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https://www.amazon.c...amera bag&psc=1


Sling bag, allows you to pull it to the front when you want to remove your camera and put it back when your walking.  Have you tried an all terrain Walker to stay mobile and be able to get off the paved paths. https://www.amazon.c...&qid=1537432160

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This could be a way to go also. I recently had a fall/slid and broke my big lens.

But I feel if I had this on I might of had the chance to push it back over my shoulders.

But I'm not saying it will work for you, but its a thought.

Op/Tech Dual 2 DSLR Camera Binoculars Strap Adjustable Harness X-Long NEW | eBay

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