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Cannot Display This File" error message. Nikon D3400

Posted by paveez, 23 June 2018 · 1,242 views

I recently purchased a new D3400 I was shooting in RAW only and all was going well until my 13th shot when all of a sudden I started getting the "Cannot Display This File" error message.

and unknowing this error i took 237 photos

After taking a shot I could see the image on the LCD screen but if I tried to go back and see it later I was only getting that message or seeing a red box with a cross.

Upon opening the image in Capture NX-D it appears that something has gone wrong with the shot.

when i changed the memory card it is working again

is there any option to resolve and recover my photos and it will be a great help if you can help me to recover the photos



This sounds like a damaged card, unfortunately. Do you transfer the files to your computer using a cable to the camera or a card reader? If you use the camera as a reader, sometimes a dedicated card reader can ingest files that the camera can't handle as a card reader uses the full SD protocol.


It is always a good habit to format your cards in-camera before use as they work better that way.

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Hi sir,


i copied the files to a computer using a card reader slot after detecting the error in camera, both in camera and computer i cannot open the files 

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Then the files are corrupted and there isn't much to do.

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