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NIKON D5600 what is the biggest zoom lens i can use

Posted by Brettski77, 27 February 2018 · 762 views

I have recently purchased a Nikon D5600, as a beginner to photography i take half decent shots of mostly sports pics. Rugby and motorsports are my main passion. My sons rugby team being their photographer. I purchsed a 70/300 Nkon lens with my crop sensor D5600 camera. I cant quite get the zoom focal length i want with the 300 lens and limited to shots on one side of the pitch and wandered if i went with a larger focal lens would it work ok with this camera being a crop sensor i am sure i am limited with lens id like an 80/400 but not sure this will be compatible, any help would b e greatly appreciated. I have been eyeing up the Nikon D850 full frame but need ot learn more about the basics first.

Cheers Brettksi

All current AF-S Nikkor or compatible lenses work with the D5600. The key here is the AF-S part. Your camera needs lenses with a built-in motor for the AF to work.

On a DX sensor camera, both DX and FX lenses work, on FX you need FX lenses as the larger sensor needs a bigger image circle.

The 80-400 is one of the lenses where you need to look out when looking for them used as there was a version without the motor before the current went into production in 2013.

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