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New Adventure

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 24 July 2014 · 1,992 views

So I got to shoot my first paying wedding. It was great. The couple was about as chill as can be. No B.S. to put up with. Really small wedding at the Des Moines Art Center Rose Garden. Slight drizzle all day but no problem. I had so much fun. Best part was they had the reception at the Iowa Cubs game in the skybox. Now I'm not a huge sports fan but I enjoy a good baseball game now and then. I was working so I had to concentrate on that but it was a ton of fun. We talked to some of the field managers and they let us shoot photos on the field while they were shooting off fireworks after the game. Amazing. They were so cool about everything. The crowd cheered for them and they had to have felt like rock stars. And the kicker was the payment they gave me got me a used D7000 for about $550 with a mere 134 shutter actuations. Win-win.
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Shooting a wedding can be stressful but when everything just flows it is pure magic.

Nice photos of the bride and groom with the fireworks as background.

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Thanks the bride and groom were ecstatic over these so that made me super happy.

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Good job! Glad you had fun. How fortuitous to have fireworks for their wedding--very fun images. 

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Nice shots and sounds like lots of fun too! 

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Nice!! Sounds like you had a good time and a great experience.
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Great pictures, glad it all went well for you.

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