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Flashlights of Doom!

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 26 February 2014 · 1,368 views

I've been really intrigued lately by some light painting stuff. Turning off all the lights and using flashlights to light up and shape your objects. I bought a really powerful led light and plan on lighting up some big structures when the ice age is over. Right now though all the woolly mammoths are blocking my apartment.
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Can't wait for this winter to be over, either.  I like the way the stone surface "lit up" in the 3rd shot.

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I need to get that polaroid running. I think I need a battery and obviously the film. It runs something like $15 for a case of 10 or something like that. $1.25 a picture so hopefully it works. Otherwise I'll just use it for props. I think the mortar and pestle is a comp of 8 pictures lit at different angles and different times. It's a blast to do.

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