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Posted by Adamwesleyo, 19 November 2013 · 803 views

Has anyone taken any pics of the ISON comet? I saw some pretty good ones earlier. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a good focal length for trying this out. I have a 70-300. Not the best lens but it should work. I will try to get up by 4:30am to see what I can get. Good thing I have the day off tomorrow.

I am interested as well.  Adamwesleyo, you may want to check-out NASA's site, or National Geographic's site.  Sometimes they give detailed specs for shooting something like this.  But beware, a couple of months ago I read a "so-called" expert give settings for a "Super-Moon".  I tried those settings and it was a flop!  Fortunately I arrived with plenty of time to experiment on my own, and came away with some pretty decent shots of the moon, considering the glass I had at the time.  Ive recently upgraded some of my lenses, so next time should be killer!

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Yeah I need to work on my moon shots as well. I love night photography but my camera (D80) does not perform well at higher ISO's or really long exposures at higher ISO's. There's a really hot spot on the top corners of the sensor that makes a blue splotch that is really bad. Really hard to fix. If its a star shot I can desaturate it without too much trouble but if there is any color it's done for without vignetting the hell out of it. So if someone wants to give me a D610 I wouldn't be too upset. Or a D800. Or a DanythingelsehigherthanmycurrentD80 < That's a new model coming out when my wallet thickens.

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Just been looking at pictures about half an hour ago of the  ISON comet on the net and now seeing this post.

will be keeping an eye out to if i ca n see it for myself aslong as the sky stays clear.

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It's now snowing here. Skies are not clear.

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