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Adamwesleyo's Blog

New Adventure

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 24 July 2014 · 1,948 views

So I got to shoot my first paying wedding. It was great. The couple was about as chill as can be. No B.S. to put up with. Really small wedding at the Des Moines Art Center Rose Garden. Slight drizzle all day but no problem. I had so much fun. Best part was they had the reception at the Iowa Cubs game in the skybox. Now I'm not a huge sports fan but I enjo...

Shoot the Moon

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 18 April 2014 · 1,680 views

Blood moon was beautiful. I was out until about 3:30 in the morning in 20 degree weather. Totally worth it. I am really enjoying doing more night photography. I think once I upgrade my camera that might be a focus of mine. My D80 just has too much noise and sensor burn to get really crazy with long exposures.

Flashlights of Doom!

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 26 February 2014 · 1,348 views

I've been really intrigued lately by some light painting stuff. Turning off all the lights and using flashlights to light up and shape your objects. I bought a really powerful led light and plan on lighting up some big structures when the ice age is over. Right now though all the woolly mammoths are blocking my apartment.

Balloons and Soaking Wet Adams

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 17 January 2014 · 1,127 views

Haven't posted in a while. I've done a few really good shoots over the holidays involving newborns, and almost borns, and Christmas and what not. Tonight I decided to try out some HSS. There's a few things I need to work on but all in all it worked out pretty good. Might try in my garage to leave a little more space to black out the background rather then...


Posted by Adamwesleyo, 04 December 2013 · 1,340 views

Ordered a Yongnuo 560 III and it's on the truck to my house now. I've also got a few umbrellas and diffusers coming. I have a maternity shoot coming up for an in-law so hopefully these lights help add a little to it. I know everyone says use natural light for maternity but a little fill light is always good.


Posted by Adamwesleyo, 22 November 2013 · 713 views

I tried posting this earlier but for some reason it didn't show. So I've been working on a technique I watched a tutorial for on fstoppers called parallax or 2.5D. I love what it does and that you can do it with almost any photo. The first one I did was a composite of 3 different photos and the second is a parody I made just because I was bored and wanted...


Posted by Adamwesleyo, 19 November 2013 · 867 views

Has anyone taken any pics of the ISON comet? I saw some pretty good ones earlier. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a good focal length for trying this out. I have a 70-300. Not the best lens but it should work. I will try to get up by 4:30am to see what I can get. Good thing I have the day off tomorrow.

Time-lapse 2

Posted by Adamwesleyo, 06 November 2013 · 683 views

So here's the second one I did. Actually it was the first one I did. I got off work at 5 got home at 5:30, grabbed my camera, drove out to this lake, set up my camera, started shooting test shots, the sun set at 6:09 so I had precious little time to get the last bits of it. These will get better as I get past the learning curve. Sound effects were added....


Posted by Adamwesleyo, 03 November 2013 · 1,030 views

So I tried out a little time-lapse last night. I'm hooked. A lot of fun.


Posted by Adamwesleyo, 29 October 2013 · 627 views

I just ordered a trigger trap. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited. Thinking about trying out some HDR time-lapse photography. Also I hear there's a pretty good solar storm coming our way on the 30th and we should be able to see it here. I hope I get it by then so I can go ahead and take down two fantastic tasks at once.

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