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Social Media

Posted by Ignacior, 05 March 2017 · 1,253 views

Just curios if anyone here using stuff lien instagram or anything else for your photos?

I use instagram and am a member of a couple of different groups on Facebook as well.

I am on Instagram but only moderately active there--though I am becoming more active on IG as Facebook has become an "all politics, all day" site and I'm sick to death of it. I am in a few photography groups on FB, and I check in with them occasionally, but I'm taking a big FB break for the most part. I use Flickr but mostly as storage so I can post photos elsewhere (it's convenient to share to Instagram, Facebook, and this forum straight from Flickr). I've been toying with putting together a Behance site. Not doing too much on social media, now that I think about it. Think I'll go post a photo on Instagram this very minute...

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I agree Nicole, FB has become too political, anonymous rants, so much bitterness and hatred that I too ignore this medium.  Would you suggest looking to flickr for photography content ?

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deano--it depends on whether you want some interaction with your photos. Flickr is pretty oversaturated, so it's a bit of work to get noticed and find people to interact with--if that's what you're looking for. There are a few of us here in the Nikon Forums who follow each other on Flickr, but I mostly use it as a central storage hub so I can easily post on other social media platforms (it makes posting photos on the forums super easy for me!)--I don't interact much on Flickr, though I do occasionally pop in to like and comment on photos by folks from this forum. I've never really tried to gain any followers or momentum on Flickr, so I'm not sure how that would be done effectively. It's too bad Facebook has turned into such a cesspool--it used to be a great place to communicate with people in many different communities. Google plus is pretty much useless, likely going the way of myspace. Instagram seems to be the new place to go. 

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I'm with you guys on FB. It's a bummer what that has turned into. I'm fairly active on instagram, it hasn't caught the negativity bug that FB has.
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I must have rosed coloured spectacles. LOL. I don't see much of this activity on facebook, but I tend to stick with friends and family posts. I have been partaking in a few photo sharing groups pertaining to the UK and British Isles. My big gripe has been with what i consider to be 'bad' pics! :D I can't stand the over saturated things - clouds of doom or dipped in ink! But that's just me so I am a member of a local group sharing pics of our town borough old and new. Anybody causes trouble - "we know where you live". I am trying a British Isles group too.

I caused a real furor on the last group that I left when I asked someone why he had taken a picture of the moon and why he had posted it in a 'photos of the UK' group. LOL.

There is a major problem with this way of communicating. Short lines of text and no way of showing intent other than adding smileys or putting LOL. Face to face communication does not present a fraction of these issues.

I think that the forums, such as this is, give us a much higher standard of image and much more intelligent comment. In my humble opinion. I could be wrong. I often am. :D 

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